"transcendent and inspiring"

"powerful voice and taut storytelling"
-Stuart Derdeyn THE PROVINCE

"Evanson’s subtle irony and figurative language is prolific and precise as she peels the dermis of her mind stripping each layer of thought from the trunk of her existence.  Her language is strong, rich, and vibrant and comes across with the authority of the new era in Black Canadian thought."
-Anthony Joyette CACIQUE

"Tanya Evanson's poetry is a voluptuous, rhythmic song. Her voice comes from deep in her belly and erupts across the page like a slow moving fire, leaving the trace of heartache..."
-Rocco de Giacomo LATCHKEY

"Tanya is [a] sound Fury who will go, not gently, into that good night."

"Tanya Evanson ended Arts Summit 2010 with a powerful and soul-moving performance of spoken word. For those who stayed until the end, I’m sure you will agree that she was truly inspirational."

"Shout outs to Tanya Evanson... for adding cosmiconscious seasoning into the mix. Her words moved through time and space and when she pointed at me it felt like magic."

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