December 17 2009
Roundhouse Performance Center
Vancouver BC Canada

A Mother Tongue Media &
Roundhouse Partnership

We invite you into the ecstatic poetry and prayer of thirteenth century Sufi mystic Mevlana Jelaleddin Rumi. Discover why he is widely read throughout the world and why his message transcends cultural, national and religious boundaries. Enjoy the weaving of poetry, music and devotional dance in this evening that celebrates the mystical traditions within Islam.

Be awed by the passionate love poetry of Rumi as read by members of the Vancouver
Rumi Society. Witness local whirling dervishes in Sema - with Post Shaikh Majid Buell - the sacred ceremony where dervishes turn in place with one palm extended upward to receive and one extended downward to give. Precise ecstacy. Meditation in motion. A dance to the divine.

With music by the Keemia Ensemble: Amir O'Loughlin (Vocals, Guitar, Oud, Composer), Ali Razmi (Tar, Setar), Reza Honari (Kemanche), Hamin Honari (Daf, Tombak), Kees van den Doel (Ney)

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